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Drug and Alcohol Addiction Counseling

Quality Online Therapy for Men in West Central North Carolina.

Individual Counseling For Drug and Alcohol Problems

You May Have Arrived Here Because…

  • You’ve noticed that drinking or using stopped being fun a long time ago
  • Your partner, friends, or family have expressed concern over your using
  • You’re feeling depressed and anxious all the time and aren’t sure why
  • You’ve been spending a lot more time using by yourself
  • You’ve tried to stop on your own before, but somehow you wind up using again

Regardless of the reason, I’m glad you’re here. And I am I am here to help.

Is your substance use spiraling out of control?

Look, it’s not like you wanted this to happen. It’s not like you asked to feel this way, or to act the way you’ve been acting recently. Addiction is a disease. It can creep up on you and sink its fangs into you before you even realize you have a problem.

You’ve been on the fence about making a change, but something happened recently that made you start paying more attention. If it didn’t, you wouldn;t be reading this. Or perhaps it hasn;t yet happened, but you suspect it will.

Do you really want to wait and find out? Why not get ahead of things before it’s too late.

I have helped hundreds of men just like you.

I have been in recovery myself since February of 2005. I know what it’s like. I know it’s not easy. I’ve been an addictions counselor for 8 years now, and I use my personal and professional experience to guide men and women like you out of the pit of despair we call addiction.

If you are ready to do the work, I will work with you. If you are ready to learn, I can teach. If you are ready to start your journey, I can lead the way. 

What are you waiting for? No, really? What are you waiting for? Book a session with me today and let’s get started building the life that you deserve – one free from the clutches of drugs and alcohol

Get Individual Help For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Imagine waking up every day feeling clear-headed, motivated, and in control. Imagine not having to hide your problem from your partner, your boss, or your family. Imagine not feeling sick. Imagine not being a slave.

Men and women just like you can and do recover from addiction and alcoholism. It happens all the time. It requires work, consistency, and guidance, but sobriety is a goal that is well within your reach.

Work with me, and let’s see how fast we can achieve it!

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